Ecommerce? Amazon? Facebook? Blockchain? Online Business?

Here’s How This Group Of Underground Email Veterans Are Still Getting Paid Daily From A Tried And Tested “Boring” Strategy Of Copying And Pasting Emails

During my masterclass I’ll be sharing with you:

3 Day Bulletproof Plan

Discover how you can get your first sales within 72 hours.


Zero Dollar Kickstart Strategy

Even online businesses needs a starting capital, but there is secret strategy to bypass it.

One Email A Day List Building Formula

Discover how you can exponentially grow your fans with just a simple email template a day.

Set-and-Done Recurring Income System

There are some things that can be automated once you’ve started your business, I’ll show you exactly what and how. 

From The Desk Of Nicholas:

Hey there,

If you were to tell me I could be living a comfortable lifestyle just sending 1 emails a day 2 years ago, I would have laughed it off.


But here am I “working” part-time, collecting paychecks after paychecks, just crafting 1 email per day. Can you imagine this? Heck, I send hundreds of emails a day in my day job and I still get paid the same!

Just hear what some of my students are getting in 2018

But life wasn’t as rosy as it is now.


You see, I used to be an ex-salesman barely hitting my monthly targets.


I knew I had to look for an alternate source of income because my day job is not stable at all, I might get retrenched anytime.


Times were tough, I had countless fights with my family over money.


I told myself in the future, I don’t want money to be the reason that harms my relationship.

So I literally tried everything, I tried MLM, I tried e-commerce, I even tried setting up an online business. Truth is, I was getting good returns for the first few months, but after a while the inventory gets ridiculous.


Because there is no warehouse, stocks would be littered all over my place, and after a while, things would get lost and orders get mixed up, it was horrible.


Eventually, I closed down my online business because I was working even harder on this than my day job and I'm not getting enough returns I expected.

And that’s when I chanced upon Email Advertising…


Of course at first I was skeptical when I first heard about it , naturally these concerns popped up in my head:

  • Email still work meh?

  • What is the upfront cost?

  • Isn't it time-consuming?

  • I'm not that tech-savvy

  • I can't write

  • These things takes time to build

  • What software do i have to use?

All of these were in my head, but I know that these are just noise that wouldn’t do me any good, so I decided to ignore the noise and took the plunge anyway.


And I’m glad I did, because 6 months later, I fired my own boss and I’m living the lifestyle that I thought was impossible.


Best part is, I’m only spending about 15-30mins a day “working”!


So here's what I've been getting from my accounts everyday...

And the photos you've seen of people living the "laptop lifestyle"?

I can testify to it and tell you that it's all true!

So yes, in case you’re still wondering, email works hands down.


In fact, what I realize is that it has become more of an untapped market now that more people are flocking towards the flashy stuff like ecommerce, amazon, facebook, blockchain etc.


Many people say that people don’t read emails anymore, but I like you to imagine this:


One day you wake up and you receive an email from your favourite idol/celebrity/influencer (I know the chances are slim but just hear me out), would you open it? 

That’s what I mean.


Email is not dead.


Because as long as you provide value to your audience, they WILL open and read your emails and they WILL become you loyal, raving fans!


And that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing with you during my Masterclass, as long as you know how to

        ...then is the perfect workshop for you to get an extra source of income.

Because unlike setting up an online business, you: 

  • Do not need to know how to set up a website

  • Do not need prior experience or skill set

  • Do not need to keep an inventory

  • Do not need to drive and pay for traffic

  • Do not need to meet customers

  • Do not need to know programming

Clickz Academy Masterclass

"Boring" 1 Email A Day Side Income Strategy To Profits In 3 Days

I'll be sharing with you:

  • Why email marketing is still the safest business to start and has the highest success rate compared to ecommerce or any other online businesses.

  • How to build your very own email marketing business without using your own money

  • How to start seeing sales in your bank account within the next 72 hours

  • How to start a business without holding any inventory and stock

  • The simple tools and software to use that require no technical experience needed.

Hear What Students Have To Say About My Workshop

Now if that is something you like, then I would like to invite you for our special 3-hour masterclass. However, I’m quite particular about who I share this with, so if you are

  • Looking to become a millionaire overnight

  • Waiting to be spoon-fed without doing any work

  • Uncommitted to making a difference for yourself

Then this workshop is not for you.  I’m looking for action-takers who are serious about creating that dream lifestyle for themselves. 

SO IF YOU'VE READ THIS FAR, I’d like you to ask yourself…

Are You Serious About Creating The Money Freedom For Yourself So That You Can Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones?

I’m also guessing you’re tired of figuring this internet advertising game out…getting left behind while all the rich get richer while you’re still stuck in an endless 9-5 cycle.



Let me help you.

Invest this 3 hours, commit and come down with an open mind to learn.

I am confident that you'll walk out at the end of the session with much more clarity on how you can start your very own email marketing business that will give you a 2nd stream of income.



I look forward to seeing you at my Clickz Academy Masterclass.

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